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Events at The Creek​


Zilkies Journey

We are delighted to announce an exciting new chapter in our lives.   On December 31st 2023 we will be flying to Manzanillo, Mexico, and making a short trip a few hours away to place called Colima.

We will be spending the month of January serving at the Hogar D’amor orphanage and school, or  We will be helping with projects, ministries, teaching and loving and serving children at the various schools. The team in Colima is very excited to welcome our family as they haven’t had Canadian visitors in several years, and there is lots of work to be done.

On January 30th we will be flying from Guadalajara Mexico to Guatemala City, Guatemala.   We than drive about 4 hours to a small town called Guazacapán, (Poza de Agua in Guazacapan) which is surrounded by mostly rural communities and villages. 

Fe Viva - , has numerous ministries including, clean water filters, smokeless stoves, schools, soccer programs and much more.  They have a large compound and employ nearly 20 full time staff.   This is one of the poorest areas in the world, and the 3rd most common cause of death is smoke inhalation (many children) which is why they provide a smokeless stove program to thousands.

How to get involved:

We will be in touch with how you can support us and the ministries we are involved in.  As you know there is a significant need and any money donated is very well spent.  There are numerous projects continually happening and we will let you know about those projects as we learn more about them.


  • Prayer that we would be helpful & useful to each ministry

  • For our family- that we would grow together and deepen our faith

  • We would have opportunities to make deep connections with people we are working alongside

  • Safety/ protection/ health as we travel & day to day ministry. 

Fe Viva Party


Christmas Decorating


Men's Breakfast


Christmas Service

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Mommy & Me

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