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Missions in Action

Jayson & Erin

Hey Powers Creek Family,


We bring greetings from H’ogar de Amor Y Proteccion al Nino in Colima Mexico.

We also bring greetings from Joel and Sissy the directors.


We arrived yesterday and are settled in nicely.   We have met so many people already and have already begun to build relationships with the workers, volunteers and most importantly the ninos.

I will create a video to give you a full picture of the entire orphanage and what it looks like, as its hard to really describe.


There is a large building for 0-4 year olds which has about 25 kids and 5-6 works f/t. They live in the home (Casa Cuna) on the main floor.  It includes a large industrial kitchen.

We are in the upstairs of this with some of the other volunteers.


There is the main home which has 5-12 year olds, which has about 25 kids separated girls and boys, across the road is a 12-16 mixed house with girls on the top and boys on bottom, and than an older boys home down the street.


Hopefully the video will explain a bit further.


Blessings from Erin and Jayson.

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